BMW B58 Engine oil filter failure during removal.

The BMW 6 cylinder petrol engine B58, is fitted in 140i/240i/340i models and more.

As with the majority of engine oil filters on BMW models for the last 30 years, the oil filter is a paper element that is inserted into a housing, accessible by removing the oil filter housing lid. It locates into the lower oil filter housing by way of 2 rubber O-ring seals, one internal seal and one external seal.

The fault with the B58 engine oil filter (part number: 11428583898). Is that during removal the lower section of the filter breaks off and is left stuck in the oil filter housing.

We have heard many stories of this occurring at the main BMW dealer, resulting in replacement of the oil filter housing which can be expensive if the car is out of warranty. We have also known this to happen to people on their drive way leaving them stuck and unable to retrieve the broken oil filter.

We have plenty of experience working on the B58 engine and have had multiple oil filter failures during servicing, the good news is that we have a 100% success rate of removing the broken oil filter from the housing, without the need to replace the housing.

We always generously lubricate the O-Ring seals on the new filter element as well as tightening the oil filter lid to the specified torque setting. We also recommend an annual oil and filter change. Whilst we can’t guarantee the oil filter will not break the next time it is removed, we believe by taking these steps it will help lower the risk of this happening.


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