BMW and Mini Vanos Solenoid Valves

BMW Vanos is variable camshaft timing, this has been with us since the 1990’s. Over this time the application has been refined and we find it now to be a reliable system, however we can still experience faults even with the newest of cars.

Vanos is fitted to all of the following Models:

  • Mini R56 Petrol Models including cooper S
  • Mini F56 Petrol Models
  • Majority of BMW Petrol models including, N42, N45, N46, N52,N33,N54,N55, N13

One of the problems we see is a blockage in the oil supply system through the Vanos solenoid valves, this can be avoided with regular servicing and keeping the oil supply clean and reliable.

We also find Vanos faults where a lower quality oil and oil filter have been used. The Vanos system is reliant on a good oil supply pressure to be able to function correctly.

We recommend a Genuine or O.E.M Oil Filter, along with an Oil of a good known quality such as Castrol Edge BMW LL04 Spec and the use of an engine oil flush treatment.

If a fault occurs we are able to remove and manually clean out the Vanos solenoid valves


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