BMW and Mini DPF Machine Cleaning

We now offer full on site DPF servicing and cleaning, this includes completely blocked DPF filters. This can be done on any BMW or Mini diesel, on site. Typical service and cleaning can be done within 2 hours. We can carry this out without the need to remove the filter from the car, saving on labour costs.

We have carried out cleans on blocked filters where other garages have recommended expensive replacement filters.

If a garage tell you that you need a new expensive DPF filter, stop and give us a call, we have a very high success rate in resolving these problems without the need for a replacement filter.

Below are 2 case studies where the filter is blocked and the customer is experiencing warning symbols on the dash board.

Case number 1

We can see before the clean that the soot mass was 46grams, and immediately afterwards this dropped to 15grams, this then dropped further after a short 15 minute road test to 8grams.

The absolute maximum allowed backpressure on this engine at idle speed is 35mbar, and at 2000rpm this allowed figure is 75mbar, we can see in both cases the measured values exceeded this pre-clean and are then well within the limits post-clean.

The fault codes were cleared and this car is now driving without fault.


Case number 2

This vehicle came in with the DPF light coming on during driving, as an older model the “soot mass” is not displayed but we can see the backpressure readings. The absolute maximum allowed at idle is 65mbar and at 2000rpm is 150mbar. The maximum allowed at the engine cut off speed is 250mbar.

We can see that all 3 initial measured readings are above the allowed limits, without intervention this filter will continue to block.

After the initial on the car machine clean, all 3 readings are now comfortably within the allowed limits. We then carried out a short test drive and activated a DPF regeneration. We can see after this the readings all dropped further.

The fault codes were cleared and this car is now driving without fault.


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