BMW MINI Steering Lock Fault A115, A116 Repair

We have seen a number of BMW and Mini vehicles affected by steering lock fault

Fault codes typically stored can be, A115 and A116, this can cause either an amber or a red warning to be displayed on the dash / monitor if fitted.

If ignored these faults can lead to the steering lock being permanently engaged and can prevent the vehicle from starting.

Models affect are BMW 1, 3, 5 Series 2005 onwards and Mini R56 models 2006 onwards.

A new steering lock ( and column ) can be in excess of £600 and unfortunately many garages take this route using incorrect diagnosis and a blanket fix approach. Whilst this can rectify the fault the majority of the time it is not necessary.

We at BM Automotive Solutions will carry out a diagnostic check to asses the fault codes and then in 99% of cases can usually rectify the fault for a fraction of the cost of a new steering column.

So if you have steering lock symbol on the dash Contact us and get the fault rectified before the lock fails completely.


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