Engine oil, using the right stuff!

Current BMW engines require engine oil which meets the set BMW standard. This is known as Long Life 04, or LL04 for short.


There are many brands which meet this standard, however for many years BMW have been in partnership with Castrol, the engines are developed using Castrol Engine Oil, so if you’re putting Castrol Engine Oil in your BMW or Mini you can be sure it’s giving you maximum protection.

Unfortunately over the lifetime of a car it can sometimes end up at a “non specialist garage” and get filled with the wrong grade of engine oil, and occasionally, servicing can go over the recommended mileage or worse still, get missed all together.

The side effects of these scenarios may take some time to surface but when they do it can mean car off the road for expensive repairs due to engine damage.

Engine oil has several main roles to keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently:

  • Lubrication of all moving parts
  • To minimize wear inside the engine
  • To provide cooling to key components ( pistons etc )
  • To absorb Carbon
  • To lubricate and cool Turbo Charger

Due to lack of oil changes the results are coking up -see the image shown below



We at BM Automotive Solutions, recommend engine oil is changed at intervals of 10,000 miles or 12 months which ever comes first.

This can be carried out as an interim service, price will vary on vehicle and engine, but you guarantee it will be cheaper than replacing the turbo or repairing the engine.


All of our engine oil services include by default, Forte Engine Flush.
This helps move any carbon deposits, and lacquer build up inside the engine

However we can upgrade the service to include BG treatment, this includes an oil fortifier and a fuel additive which are added at the service .



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