Castrol Edge BMW LL04

BM Automotive Solutions really is a BMW and Mini specialist, where as most garages will stock a generic barrel of engine oil regardless of what car is being service, we understand the importance of quality and the importance of maintaining your BMW or Mini to the highest standard to minimize the risk of expensive repairs.

We only stock and use Castrol Edge Fully Synthetic 0w-30 which meets and excels the BMW LL04 standard required for long-life servicing.

Remember using inferior engine oil can cause a whole host of problems such as :

  • Engine coking up, causing faults with variable valve timing
  • Starvation of oil to Turbo Chargers, causing failures
  • EGR valves, blocking up as oil is unable to absorb carbon
  • DPF filters, blocking up as oil is unable to absorb carbon
  • Sensor faults, where sludge build up occurs
  • Engine failures, where key components are starved of oil and over-heat.

Why take the risk? Have your BMW or Mini serviced at the Midlands and South Staffordshires leading BMW / Mini specialists today using Castrol Edge engine oil and Genuine Service parts.

Extend engine life and restore efficiency using our simple but effective BG “3 can” treatment from as little as £45 when added to a service.

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